Softball - 1996

Kathy Roe (deceased) was involved in the sport of softball in the Corning area for 30 years as a player, coach and umpire...She got her start in the sport in the local Cinderella leagues...later as a coach and umpire...her first love came as a coach and teacher and believed in developing each of her kids to their fullest potential...her teams never played the win at all cost type of games, but instead were taught the game, have fun and grow with the game...Kathy also became one of the area's finest umpires and worked games at all levels of competition including Cinderella, high school, adult leagues...she was respected by all players, both male and female...not only did she hold a number of offices in the Cinderella League but she was also the President of Corning Area Umpires Association. ..She was named to that post by her fellow umpires...Kathy died in October of 1994 but will be long remembered for her contributions in the sport of softball.